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Industry News Manufacturers Can Use - June 2017

Check out the latest highlights in technology and manufacturing best practices from leading online news sources. To see how Digabit's technology helps manufacturers upgrade after-sale technical support and sales, visit

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Digitization And the 3M Supply Chain

For many years, the world has thought in linear terms. If we invested more in certain areas, we would get certain predictable returns. But in a competitive, global economy that is just not good enough anymore. Read how 3M is trying to shift from a linear to a geometric curve.


Three Reasons Manufacturing Jobs Are Suited to Millenials

The manufacturing industry has a considerable employment hole to fill due to a looming skills gap. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by putting more emphasis on what a great industry it is for young people to enter.

Manufacturing Isn't Dead, It's Evolving

If you watch the news, you probably think U.S. manufacturing is on the verge of death. Industry leaders don’t see an industry on its last legs, they see an increasingly efficient system that’s reshoring jobs and creating more opportunities than the public might think.

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Five Reasons Why Switching to SaaS Will Be the Best Investment You Make This Year

Business models are significantly evolving alongside technology. As a business operator, you have an obligation to commit to the most secure, valuable and accessible tools that allow your team to focus on doing their actual jobs.



ID&E Show: Real-World Solutions at the Case Study Corner

At the Industrial Design & Engineering show, Digabit, along with four other companies, showcased its product and how it addresses industry real-world problems with emerging technologies.



Skilled Labor: Manufacturing's Missing Ingredient

Research suggests that manufacturing might and employment may be two very different things. A deeper (and often-missed) issue is the severe shortage in the skills and talent necessary to staff a manufacturing resurgence.



A Shocking New Way To Teach Skills

Wichita State University is opening an advanced manufacturing center that could further develop how colleges teach engineering. Students can work on practical projects and enter the workforce as experts on the latest tech.

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